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[You might suddenly find yourselves in a school by yourself, without the sign of any of the others nearby. On the bulletin board nearby was a note with the following words:

"Answer the riddle, clear the room.
Fail the question, clearly doom."

If that wasn't enough, your clothes have been replaced, though your powers and weapons have been returned. You can see several doors in the hallway, and it doesn't look like sitting around would do much for you.

Care to explore?]
outside with bunny


Who: Kanda and anyone who wants to run into him.
What: Too much story telling yields sore throat and a need for tea.
Where: The kitchen.
When: Just after all the poyos disappear.

"And then that idiot went and"--cough, cough, cough--"drove his own sword"--cough--"through his chest like it wasn't going to do anything to hi--"

Kanda blinked. For an instant the grass and the gaggle of gel-blobs gathered around him seemed to flicker. There was a moment's murmur as all the little jellies' eyes widened and they hummed a unified curious "Oooooooooo". And then Kanda was seated alone on the floor of the bedroom he'd first woken up in, surrounded by perfectly solid looking walls and furniture and not a peep of crying anywhere to be heard.

Thank fucking god. Collapse )

[ Open ]

Who: Bat, poyos, and whoever happens upon them
What: "storytelling?"
Where: grazing feilds
When: Bat has no real concept of time
Warning: ... it's Bat :|

A lavender haired man paced back and forth out in the field where a good number of farm animals had been grazing. Notably there are no animals in the nearby vicinity of the blood splattered grass and poyos. Bat paced back and forth, hands in fists as he made an attempt at telling stories to keep the stupid creatures silent.

Yet his 'story' sounded far more like ranting as the words were spat and he kicked at a stray severed cow hoof, sending it soaring into one of the poyo's and knocking it spinning backwards a good few yards.

"All because of that woman!!"